Code-3 BMX Team Requirements

Info sheet

Dear perspective rider: here are a few things about our team. If you are interested please request an application for our team. You will need a copy of your current grades and a note from your teacher(s). there is no contract length for the team and we encourage our riders to better themselves even if that means leaving for another team that can do more for you. We maintain a fun atmosphere and ride hard. Training programs are available to all riders of all levels.

All riders must be a.b.a. members to be considered for the team
Riders must maintain a "c" in all classes during school.
No rider on parole will be considered for the team.
Riders must agree to wear team jersey at all sanctioned events.
Riders must show good sportsmanship on and off the track.
Discounts are for team riders only/ sorry not for all your friends.
Riders and or riders' parents will be required to help out at the track or team events.
Any rider may be used on the team sheet at any time
All riders must agree to have their photo used on web pages and flyers associated with a.b.a . racing

Any questions? Contact Tressa Miller.

Do you want to join the team? Fill out this application and contact Tressa.